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ZOOM Teeth Whitening in Melbourne

Everyone wants to have a whiter, brighter smile – but like many, you may be concerned about the results and whether it’s suitable and safe for you. Find out why we’re the leaders in Melbourne for ZOOM teeth whitening.Our team can evaluate your needs and make recommendations to get you the outcome you desire.

Zoom Teeth Whitening MelbourneWe offer two safe and effective options to suit your wishes for a white smile. You can choose to have a procedure done during a visit with us, or done in the convenience of your own home with our professional recommendations and materials.

ZOOM In-Chair Whitening

This procedure done in the clinic will give you dramatic results that are visible right away. Using trays customised to you, we’ll protect your lips and nose from UV rays while the powerful gel and special light work their magic on your teeth. With the Zoom 3 Advanced Power whitening system, your teeth can be 2-6 shades lighter in less than an hour.

ZOOM Day White In-Home Whitening

This home whitening system delivers results when time isn’t a factor and you’d prefer a more economical option to whiten your teeth. Your whitening trays can be worn at your leisure when it’s convenient for you.

Put yourself in the capable hands of our dental team and get a natural-looking whiter smile.  Call to schedule (03) 9318 5599

ZOOM Teeth Whitening in Melbourne.
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