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What Could Be Causing Headaches?

tooth wear sore jaws TMJ issues

Do you have stress headaches or a sore jaw when you wake?

Do you seem to suffer from regular headaches that have no real apparent cause?  Does stress cause you pain in your jaw, neck face or shoulders?

Maybe these headaches and pains are connected to issues with your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).   TMJ problems can manifest themselves as headaches, soreness, jaw clicks or pops, lock jaw, or severely worn teeth.

As part of TMJ, if you are clenching or grinding, this strains the nerves and tissues of your TMJ Joints.  But your dentist may be able to help.

In order to reduce the stress and strain on the joints, nerves and jaws, we can arrange a personally made bite plate (also known as night guard or occlusal splint) that forces the upper and lower jaws into a more natural position, and reduces stress on your nerves, joints and teeth.

Some people note that their symptoms dissipate almost overnight.  Others take a while for their jaw to adjust and the strain to recede.  You may need adjustments along the way – and you will need to visit your dentist a few times to get it right, and make sure that things are going as they should.  The costs of these extra visits are usually covered by the one off fee to make the splint for you.

Being one of few dentists in Melbourne who has a range of dental lasers, we also have a laser therapy solution that can help relax the muscles and get rid of the jaw pain (and the headaches) caused by your clenching and grinding, or other jaw problems.   Laser therapy can be used as a line of last defense, or it may be use in tandem with your splint – but the laser will reduce the pain but not solve the issue on its own – you will need to change your jaw habits, and its usually a splint that will achieve this for most people.

And why it is important to do something about this?   Yes, you will get a better quality of life with less pain and discomfort, but also the clenching you are doing (unsuspectingly usually) could be permanently damaging your teeth.   Excessive clenching undoubtedly causes teeth wear, and often cracking or breaking of teeth, which ultimately means loss of a tooth (and then more stress on he nearby teeth).  Its a chain reaction that needs to be broken.

A discussion with your dentist, as a separate consultation, or as part of your 6 monthly check up and clean visit, can help identify if this is an issue for you – and see if TMJ therapy is going to help your symptoms.  Our dentists will feel your jaw and muscles, to assess the issue for you.   So if you want to find out if TMJ issues are behind your headaches, give us a call today on 93185599 to arrange a consultation with the dentist.