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The Dentist needle you probably wont even feel...

The Wand Pain Free DentistryAre you or a family member one of half of all dental patients who are nervous about going to the dentist? We’re happy to tell you that nerves can be a thing of the past as we introduce our newest technology, The Wand® at no additional cost when you visit us at Hampstead Dental.

The Wand® — How It Works

The Wand® is a computer-controlled way to deliver anaesthetic. This pen-like handheld instrument slowly and gently provides anaesthetic to the tooth or specific area that needs it. This is a very easy way to help apprehensive patients overcome their concerns and experience a relaxed visit to our Maribyrnong practice.

Some other Melbourne dentists do offer The Wand®, charging $20-$30 extra for the use of this amazing product service. At Hampstead Dental in Maribyrnong, we’re proud to offer you this latest technology at no additional charge for your comfort and ease.

Enjoy a Relaxing, Comfortable Visit

With the use of The Wand®, our once-apprehensive patients are smiling and love coming to the dentist! Enjoy a relaxing visit thanks to the many benefits of The Wand®:

  • Patients report they don’t feel a thing!
  • It offers the perfect amount of anaesthesia very gently.
  • It numbs the specific tooth or area rather than your entire mouth. (This way, it’s not hard to talk, eat or work after your appointment.)

If you’re anxious about your next dental visit, or need to get back to your day without worrying about numbness in your mouth, The Wand® may be the perfect solution. Give us a call to see for yourself. (03) 9318 5599

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