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Pain Free Injections?

If you have been putting off going to the dentist because you hate the needle, then it’s time to reconsider – as the newest technology means it’s as comfortable as possible, and you will probably not even realise you have had a needle at all.

The arrival of The Wand STA means that needles can be administered without you even feeling a thing in most cases. The computerised Wand slowly administers the anaesthetic, without the pressure and discomfort of the normal anaesthetic. It also warms the anaesthetic before delivery – so that the body doesnt feel the normal sensations.

The other benefit with The Wand STA is that it only numbs the tooth being worked on – so no more droopy lips, or having your jaw numb for 2 – 4 hours. STA stands for Single Tooth Anaesthesia – and that’s what it does – it numbs just the tooth being treated. So you can walk out and go directly back to
that sales presentation, or even give a speech, and
nobody (especially you) would know you have just
been to the dentist.

So what does this hi-tech advancement in dental injections cost? Here at Hampstead Dental we provide this free of charge to our patients. Yes that’s right, while we have heard of other dentists charging $20 – $30 for each visit using The Wand – we choose to provide this to our patients at no additional charge.

So now there is pretty much no reason to put off your next dental visit. With The Wand STA you are assured that the visit will be as comfortable as possible, and still be assured of the best possible price for the visit too.

We look forward to seeing you, and treating you to our VIP style of dentistry here at Hampstead Dental.