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Laser Dental Treatment in Maribyrnong

Enhancing Results and Healing

Laser Dentistry at Hampstead DentistrySome overseas dentists are using laser therapy to provide a new take on traditional dentistry – while giving the patient a whole new positive dental experience. Here at Hampstead Dental, we’re proud to be one of few dentists in the inner west of Melbourne to offer a variety of dental laser options to help enhance your positive dental experience and accelerate your dental health – right here in Maribyrnong.

For example, dental lasers can be used to prepare a tooth for a filling, to numb a tooth without a needle, and to ensure better outcomes with treatment and healing for a variety of other procedures. We use the following 3 types of lasers:

Water Laser

This laser is used for fillings and often can avoid using a needle or a drill. The water laser also helps enhance your dental treatment. For example, when a root canal is done with this laser, the success rate of the root canal improves dramatically.

Epic Laser

When dealing with jaw soreness such as TMJ issues, or for gum treatment or extractions, this laser can help you get better results, heal faster and experience less pain.

iLase – Pen Laser

This laser minimises the invasiveness of detailed and complex treatments such as frenectomy and also during crown and bridge preparation appointments.

A Dental Experience to Remember

Our practitioners are highly trained to get you the best results possible. We work to provide the most comfortable care while helping you to enjoy the best dental health and experience possible.

When you visit, we’ll discuss if the use of a laser can enhance your experience with us. We’ll always do what we can to help you get the best outcome.

If you have a dental issue that you’ve been meaning to have checked, give us a call. We’ll make your visits productive and help you heal as best we can. (03) 9318 5599

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