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How to Choose a Good Dentist

How to Choose a DentistYour smile is your best accessory, so you don’t want to trust those pearly whites to just anyone. You want to ensure you’re putting yourself in the hands of an experienced, highly qualified dentist. Rest assured that, at Hampstead Dental, our dentists and team deliver superb care and give you great results!

Open Communication

Great communication is an integral part of every relationship. At Hampstead Dental, we provide a comfortable environment that fosters open communication. We want our patients to feel comfortable enough that they can say exactly what’s on their mind! It’s important for you to be heard and listened to whether you’re speaking with the dentist, nurse, hygienist or receptionist. Be assured that we will act on what you tell us.

The Latest Technology

We are passionate about offering the latest in dental care and keeping up to date with dental trends and technology to ensure you’re getting the best and most comfortable dental care possible! We are proud to offer The Wand® Computer Assisted Anaesthesia System that’s so effective you won’t even feel the needle anymore!

We also have a laser available for those patients who will most benefit from it. Another technology we offer is digital impression taking, so it’s more comfortable to have a crown or bridge preparation done.

Value and Trust

A good dentist offers great value and convenient, affordable payment options. It’s our desire to give you the most money back through your health insurance, provided you have suitable insurance. Trust is also important, just as it is in any relationship. You want to trust that your dental office follows all necessary health and safety guidelines, so your health is never compromised. You can be sure that our practitioners have our patients’ best interest in mind at all times.

We look forward to providing you with excellent dental care for a lifetime. Contact our office to schedule an appointment today!

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