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Dental Crowns for Melbourne

Maribyrnong Dental CrownsOur ceramic & porcelain crowns are precision-made in Melbourne and personalised designed to your particular situation. They require precise measurement, laboratory work and fitting.

Receiving a crown is a two-visit process. The preparation appointment may be from 1 to 2 hours, and the fitting appointment 30 minutes to 1 hour, and the quoted fee covers both appointments.

We may offer different price options to suit your budget. If payment is an issue, we can assist with a payment plan. Note that we do not charge private or health fund patients for the temporary crown that is worn in the period during which the crowns are being prepared.

We also have many different materials for you to choose from so you can get the crown that’s right for you.

All About Dental Crowns for Melbourne residents

A dental crown helps to retain the tooth by supporting the structure that lies beneath it. Crowns are often used to:

  • Protect a weak tooth
  • Restore a fractured or cracked tooth
  • To cover a discoloured tooth
  • To protect a non-vital tooth (that has had root canal treatment)

Your crown (or cap, as some people call them), will be made to fit your smile and match the surrounding teeth colour and shape. This process takes two visits. Once our dentist has checked the tooth for you, they will hand you over to the reception team to find ways to make the treatment fit within your budget.

Item Codes for Crowns

The pricing of crowns (dental item codes 613, 615, 618, 611 or 576 – or 672 for dental implants) depends on a number of factors. A quick call to us or a consultation with one of our dentists should be able to answer most of your questions about Dental Crowns – and how it can work with your health insurance.

611 Crown Acrylic Resin
613 Crown Non-metallic crown
615 Crown Porcelain Veneered Crown
618 Crown PFM – Porcelain Fused Metallic Crown

Contact us on (03) 9318 5599 to schedule a consultation to see if our locally made crowns, with a 10 year warranty on the ceramic provided by our Melbourne based laboratory, are a good solution for you.

Dental Crowns in Melbourne
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