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Platinum Recognition for Hampstead Dental

Invisalign Melbourne

Our Dental Assistant Priscilla with our Invisalign Platinum Provider Award

Hampstead Dental has been recognised as a leader in providing Invisalign treatment in Melbourne, with the awarding of the Platinum Provider award by Invisalign Australia.

Dr Kris Rajan and Dr Russell McDonald work closely with our patients to help them achieve optimum results – without “strings” attached – that is to say to straighten their teeth with no ugly wires, and a series of invisible aligners that slowly but surely move the teeth into the correct position, to give that amazing smile.

Using the latest computer imaging, the dentists plan out the journey from your current dental situation, to the ideal situation – and can show you the expected results on the computer simulation. And your series of invisible retainers can transform your smile over a period of 6 months to 24 months – closing gaps, straightening teeth, and improving your smile.

Invisalign Australia have recognised Hampstead Dental’s commitment to technology and their patients ideal outcomes, with the awarding this week of Platinum Provider status – which has only been bestowed on a handful of dental practices in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

he results our patients achieve is truly wonderful. I love to see how they come to me at the end of the treatment and thank me for making this change for them.

Dr Russell McDonald

Many of my patients are in their 20’s and 30’s and want to improve their smile and straighten their teeth, but dont want to have the grey wires normally needed to do so. That’s the magic of Invisalign.

Dr Kris Rajan

Their dental assistant Priscilla (pictured with the award), added “When I tell the patients that we have a 10% discount option, or interest free payment plans that mean its only $198 a month – they just can’t believe it is so affordable to do this amazing treatment.”

As an Invisalign Platinum provider, Hampstead Dental offers a complimentary consultation about Invisalign. To arrange a complimentary consultation for yourself or a family member, call our friendly reception team on (03) 9318 5599 or visit our contact us page.


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