Zoom! Teeth Whitening SECRET SALE

For a limited time we have a secret sales on Zoom Teeth Whitening - just $450 including personalised trays so you can even do top ups later on - and to qualify you just have to mention "Website Secret Whitening Sale" to get this offer...
The latest Zoom! Advanced Power lamps with LED lights, which gently give you the whitest smile you can get... all under the guidance of a specially trained dental professional. Why would you risk a dodgy beauty shop treatment, when for around the same price you can have the top quality, world leading Zoom! Advanced Power, and you know you are safe in the hands of a dental professional.
Call us today to make your appointment for Zoom! on 03 9318 5599

Dental Implants

Restore your smile and regain oral function. We can help regain your smile, boost your confidence, and maintain your teeth for life. Implants can replace a single tooth or several teeth, and give permanent, natural looking results.  They are often used in conjunction with Crowns and Porcelain Veneers to make a perfect smile.  If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about gaps, missing teeth, dentures that are loose or unexpectedly drop down or you are unable to chew properly, yet you feel you deserve the best today’s modern restorative dentistry can provide, dental implants may be the solution.  We are one of a handful of clinics in Western Melbourne offering Dental Implants, and Dentures supported on Dental Implants. 
Click HERE to take our quick quiz about dental implants. 
Click HERE to view the checklist to prepare you for your initial consultation with one of our dentists to find out if Dental Implants are right for you.

Laser Dentistry - No Needle - No Drill

When you see one of our dentists or hygienists for your check up and clean appointment, ask them about if Laser Dentistry is a good option for you.

Using the latest WaterLase dental solutions, which are so popular in the USA and Europe, Dr Adam Mattsson is able use this cutting edge technology to make your dental treatment more comfortable, or more effective, than the conventional dental treatment options.

Many fillings can be carried out using the laser - which means no drill and no needle for many patients.... Gum treatments become more effective using laser - and it can accelerate the treatment of periodontal disease.... Root canal treatments become more effective with the addition of laser to the treatment... and post extraction healing becomes much gentler and faster using laser as part of the treatment plan.

Laser dentistry is not suitable for everyone - and it does have a small additional cost - and new patients to us who have had dental laser treatment elsewhere tell us that our prices are much more reasonable than they have paid at other dentists!

We are proud to bring laser dentistry to the Western Suburbs of Melbourne - and look forward to discussing how the WaterLase Dental Laser may be used in your treatment plan.

Ask about our options for New Patients

We have 2 options available for new patients to our clinic who want to have a comprehensive check up and clean as their first visit to the practice.  If you attend with an emergency as your first visit, you can take advantage of these offers later.

Comprehensive Examination
Capped price - $250

New patients can spend 40 to 50 mins with our dentist undertaking a full examination of your teeth and gum health,   We will take low impact digital x-rays of any areas of concern, and explore all your dental issues and concerns.  We will then put together a treatment plan for you, and find ways to help you achieve the treatment outcomes that are best for you.  The fee also includes a 30 minute visit with our hygienist for teeth cleaning (which will either be done on the same day, or on a subsequent visit).
Many health fund members will find that when we swipe your coard for this visit, that there is little or no gap to pay. Includes Health Fund item codes 011 012 022 071 072 073 074 121).

Check Up & Clean Package
Private Patients - Capped price $175
Health Fund Members - Usually have NO out of pocket to pay

This visit combines an examination, x-rays, photographic records, cleaning and fluoride treatment.  This appointment takes 30 to 50 mins, and will be with either one of our dentists, or with a hygienist.  For Health Fund members where your fund pays a benefit this will usually mean there is nothing for you to pay out of pocket.  Includes Health Fund item codes 011 012 022 072 073 074 121).

Simply call us on 9318 5599 to make an appointment that suits.

For the above special offers, if you have a health fund, we will swipe your card for you on the day of your visit.  Check with your health fund that you have dental extras, and have passed your waiting periods, that you have benefits available (ie you have not reached your annual limit) and that your level of membership qualifies for this offer.
If you do not bring your health fund membership to the appointment, you will need to pay and claim back - and we cannot guarantee there will be "no gap"in that instance.

As we are participating dentists with Medibank Private or HCF and you are on a qualifying level of cover, the health fund offers you a Free Check Up & Clean every 6 months (dental item codes 011 and 114).  In addition we offer you no gap on the other preventative and diagnostic services (022 072 073 074 121).

Note that Bupa members seeing Dr Russell McDonald or our hygienist can claim on the spot for this service. Bupa members seeing Dr Adam Mattsson may not have cover for their visit as he is not a participating dentist with Bupa. We can also refer you to our sister clinic who ARE preferred providers with BUPA - more information at www.SmartChoiceDental.com.au


Our dentists can assist with partial and full dentures for most people.  We offer both chrome dentures, and acrylic / resin denture options.  We also can stabilise rocking dentures using dental implants - commonly known as All on 4.
Health fund rebates available.  For consultations regarding dentures, you will need to let us know the date your current dentures were made, so please bring this information with you.

Invisalign - "No Braces"

If you are interested in finding out more about if Invisalign works for you, then make an appointment with Dr Russell McDonald.  He has many years experience with Invisalign in the UK - and treats patients looking for a "no braces" option way of straightening their teeth.  Be it a small correction, or a larger alignment of teeth that are not straight, he will be able to give you more advice if the clear, invisible no-braces option of Invisalign is suitable for you as an alternative to conventional braces.  But dont worry, if you cant have Invisalign, Invisalign Light or Invisalign Teen, we are able to give advice on other options to straighten your crooked teeth.   


A dental crown (or cap) helps to retain the tooth, by supporting the structure that lies beneath it. Crowns are often used to protect a weak tooth, restore a fractured or cracked tooth, to cover a discoloured tooth, or protect a non-vital tooth (that has had Root Canal Treatment). Your Crown (or cap as some people call them) will be made to fit your smile, and match the surrounding teeth colour and shape.  It takes 2 visits to prepare and fit a crown. We also arrange crowns for Dental Implants for Nobel Biocare, Astra / Astratech and Ankylos.
Pricing of crowns (dental item codes 613, 615, 618, 611 or 576 - or 672 for dental implants) depends on a number of factors – and a quick call to us, or a consultation with one of our dentists, should be able to answer most of your questions.  
Why not ask us for information on how we can help you with Crowns today.


Bridges are an option that give function and aesthetic results, without the need for major surgical procedures required with implants - and often at a much lower cost as well.  The adjoining teeth are used as the structure to support an additional tooth placed in the "gap".  There are different types of bridges depending on the situation - conventional bridge, cantilever bridge, resin bonded bridge and many more. Bridges can be used for rear (molar), side (incisor) or front (anterior) teeth. Commonly the bridges will include the following item codes – 613 or 615, plus 643).  We also arrange Ceramic Bridges for dental implants using the Nobel Biocare, Astra / AstraTech, MIS (Make It Simple) and Ankylos Dental Implant systems.   Ask our dentist if a Bridge could be a solution for you - to restore your smile, and boost your confidence.


Veneers are an option where for aesthetics or function, there is a need to hide discolouration, or to straighten mis-shapen teeth, or repair chipped teeth.  Porcelain Veneers and Composite Veneers are the most common types, although Bonding is also considered for some cases.  Our dentist will have a consultation with you to determine if Veneers are suitable for your case.  This may also involve taking a model of your teeth, and in some cases showing you a wax up of how the new teeth would look.  In some cases a combination of Veneers and Crowns may be used in a smile makeover.   Veneers usually utilise dental item codes 582 and 583.   Ask for a consultation to discuss options for Veneers today.

Teeth Whitening

Make your smile "shine" - not a fake Hollywood white - but a natural white that will give you the best possible smile results.  Our dentists Oral Health Therapists are experienced in whitening procedures, and will make the shade as white as will be possible for your particular tooth structure.  Results vary depending on the particular person – although commonly you would expect between 2 and 6 shades lighter.
We offer 2 different options to suit most patients wishes for a white smile using 3 main teeth whitening systems. 
Zoom - in chair whitening with dramatic results visible right away.  We use Zoom 3 Advanced Power which now protects the lips and nose from UV as well as the new Zoom LED lamps, which give less sensitivity but still the amazing results that Zoom! is known for.

Day White – a home whitening option that delivers results, where time in achieving great results is not a factor (but you are looking for great results at a lower price)
Put yourself in the hands of our dentists for a professional in-chair whitening procedure, and get that smile you have been longing for.   For more information (and prices) on our tooth whitening options, click HERE.

Root Canal Treatment

If your tooth has decay that has reached closed to the nerve, and therefore is unable to remain vital, as an option to tooth extraction / removing the tooth, the dentist may suggest Root Canal Treatment (RCT).  This procedure removes the nerve from the tooth, and allows you to retain the tooth  - which will maintain your smile, and allow you to continue to eat and chew as you have done in the past, and perhaps avoid dentures in later life.  Extracting a tooth may have complications such as allowing remaining teeth to drift and tilt.  Keeping your teeth as long as possible is the preferred option for many reasons. Our dentists are trained in root canal therapy, and undertake Root Canals every day at our practice.

Medicare EPC – Dental Care Plans

Now that the Federal Government have ceased the Medicare EPC / CDDS program, we cannot accept any Medicare patients (for bulk billing).

Patients who have previously been treated with us are welcome to continue their treatment with us - and our reception team can help you with ways we can assist with having your dentistry needs meet your budget.  This may be through our $175 check up and clean package deals, membership of www.smile.com.au, or through insurance such as with Medibank Private or similar. 

In the future there is rumoured to be a new program from July 2014, which will have new registration criteria.  It has been mentioned that this new program will only cover check up and cleaning, as well as maintainence items such as fillings and extractions - and will not have cover for crowns, bridges, etc.

Childrens Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) - Medicare Kids Dental Scheme

If your family are patients of our clinic, we have 4 Dental Therapists on staff to look after the dental heath of your children.  If you have a child aged 2 - 18 years of age, chances are you have received a letter from Medicare telling you that your kids can have dental treatment up to $1000 over 2 years. We participate in this scheme, and we also BULK BILL (so that you don't have to pay and claim back). The scheme can be used for regular check up and cleaning, xrays, fillings, extractions and many other procedures. We do bulk bill - and we ask that you respect that we are accepting the lower Medicare rates for the treatment - but your commitment is that we ask that the appointment you make is kept - otherwise we will levy a $50 charge (per child) to change a child appointment under 24 hours (and this cannot be bulk billed to Medicare).


At Hampstead Dental we are partners will all the major Health Funds, including nib Health Insurance and HBF and we also accept other Health Funds who participate in HICAPS - enabling you to claim your rebate on the spot, saving you time and hassle.     If you are considering life insurance, Aussie Life Plan is a good option to consider. 

For people who live in St Kilda and the Bayside Suburbs, Endless Solutions in Port Melbourne may be a great option if you are looking for a Cosmetic Surgeon.

About Us

Hampstead Dental is a clinic near Highpoint Shopping Centre, Westfield, Maribyrnong - which now houses the wests first David Jones department store. Yes - quality has arrived in the west!

We provide general dentistry, cosmetic, whitening and emergency dental treatment, as well as fillings, dentures, check ups, cleaning and more.  We have appointments available weekdays until 5.30pm, and on most Saturdays from 8am til 3pm

Dr Adam Mattsson, our principal dentist, has been practicing since 1992.  He believes in discussing the treatment options thoroughly with you.  Dr Mattsson practices gentle dentistry - putting you at ease and minimising the stress and anxiety.  His areas of expertise are general dentistry, restorative (fillings), root canal, Crowns & Bridges, Dental Implants (including surgical placement of dental implants, and implant supported dentures) and the full range of Cosmetic dentistry services (from Bridges, Crowns to Dentures – or combinations of these treatments).   He is also experienced in periodontal (gum health) treatments for periodontitis, gingivitis and other gum issues.  Dr Adam is a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA), the International Society of Implant Dentistry, and a graduate of the Master Program in Implantology (UCLA).

Dr Russell McDonald is an experienced Dentist with a gentle and caring approach towards his patients. His clinical skill set includes Invisalign (orthodontics with invisible braces), Crown and Bridge treatment, Surgical and Restorative phases of Dental Implants, Oral Surgery such as wisdom teeth removal, and all other aspects of General Dentistry. Dr McDonald trained in Queensland, and has spent 10 years living and working in London at 2 prestigeous private practices in Central London. 

Dr Kris Rajan is softly spoken, gentle and quick working Dentist of 8 years experience, who has been part of our team for 4 years. He has his MFDS from the UK, and has also worked several years in New Zealand, before settling in Melbourne with his family. He is well versed in Crown and Bridge treatment, Dental Implants, and has excellent skills in Oral Surgery for extraction of wisdom teeth - as well as all other aspects of General Dentistry. 

Dr Ben Scully  comes to us with 7 years experience, and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons (UK). His wide range of practical dental skills, as well as his formal training (Masters in Clinical Dentistry - Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics) - make him the ideal choice to look after your oral health, smile makeover, and general dental needs. He has a very advanced level of experience with extraction of wisdom teeth (third molars).   

Our Hygiene Department has 4 team members. 

Dayna Fairweather trained at the University of Melbourne, and is a dual Dental Therapist / Hygienist .  She takes time with the treatment for you - and will discuss in depth with you the issues relating to your gums and teeth.  She also helps with deep cleaning (or Scaling & Root Planing) to help address pockets or problem areas of periodontitis (gum disease).  
With her Dental Therapist hat on, she engages and connects well with children, and can take care of their dental needs, from infants through to 25 years of age. She can get kids to do things that they never thought they would want to do. Sports mouthguards, Teen Dental Vouchers, Fissure Sealants – all with a smile – on her face and your kids face.  She is a valued part of our team – helping supplement our dentists with treatments where she is the expert in the field. 

Mark Suniga trained at the University of Melbourne, and is a dual Dental Therapist / Hygienist .  He has a caring nature, and a gentle hand, and takes time with the treatment for you.  His keen interest in your gum health as a gateway to total overall health is apparent in the time he takes to explain the issues that are relevant for each patient.  
Kids love him as well in his role as Dental Therapist - and he has a great connection with kids, that helps them understand the need to brush, and to keep up good oral hygiene to reduce dental visits.  

Cathy Huynh is trained at LaTrobe University,,  and has a dual Hygienist / Dental Therapist qualification.  She gets outstanding feedback from patients with periodontal conditions, who have to have deep cleaning (scaling and root planing - SRP).
She always has a smile - and connects well with children - and talks to them on a level that they can relate to and understand. Cathy has undertaken advanced Orthodontic / Invisalign training and assists Dr Russell McDonald with his Invisalign patients 

Joseph Abdou-Zeid is trained at LaTrobe University,,  and has a dual Hygienist / Dental Therapist qualification.  He loves working with kids and adults alike, to help them acheive optimum oral health. Like our other OHT team, Joseph has undertaken additional training in Zoom Teeth Whitening. Joseph is an invaluable part of our team, and for those with adults who speak Arabic, can be a vital link in helping with improvement to their oral situation at their regular 6 monthly check and clean, as well as their appointments for root planing to address gum disease/gingivitis.

Between them, Dayna, Cathy, Mark and Joseph are with us 6 days per week.

Note that we do bulk bill Medicare for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) for kids ages 2 to 17 for treatment under Medicare ($1000 over 2 years - subject to family qualifying criteria).  . 

From teeth extractions, root canals, fillings / restorations, Implants, Crowns and Bridges, or emergency or after hours dental, we can help.  Combined with the latest technology and advanced equipment we use, result in an experience with is very different from the typical dentist visit most of us are familiar with.

New patients welcome. We service the suburbs of Maidstone, Braybrook, Avondale Heights, Maribyrnong, Footscray, West Footscray, Seddon, Yarraville, Kensington, Flemington, Ascot Vale, Travancore, Moonee Ponds, Sunshine, Ardeer, Deer Park, Derrimut, St Albans, Albanvale, Kings Park, Keilor, East Keilor, Cairnlea, Caroline Springs, North Sunshine, West Sunshine, Burnside, Brimbank, Kingsville, Spotswood, Newport, Ravenhall, Melton - as well as many others.

We are preferred providers with Medibank Private Members Choice,  HCF Oral Care Program, Australian Unity Dentacare, NobleDentist.  Other fund members such as NIB, Teachers Health, Defense Health, HBF and GMF Health can claim your rebate on the spot with HICAPS.

Call us today to arrange to see one of our caring team.

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